Jingle bells. Jingle bells.


Do you hear the jingle bells from afar?


Well, it is that holiday period of the year again. This is a great time to chill with family and friends, reflect on what went down during the entire year, and introspect on what you wish to achieve in 2023.


As you do that, you would really want something that calms your nerves, stimulates you to think and speak with clarity, right?


What better way to do this than to sip well brewed Kenyan tea?


Ketepa has over the years been on the forefront in producing rich Kenyan tea that not only stimulates you but also gets you in the right frame of mind


A family conversation in most Kenyan homes is never done unless one brings in a kettle of chai. 




Tea binds us.

Best Kenyan tea Brands for a Relaxing Festive Period

Well, let’s look at the best Kenyan tea that needs to be part of this holiday period.


  • Fahari ya Kenya tea


As old as the Ketepa brand, Fahari ya Kenya is commonplace in most Kenyan kitchens.


Our African mothers know very well that nothing tastes better and is more calming than this loose-leaf tea.


Whether taken as true tea or with milk, Fahari ya kenya tea is a must-buy for your home beverage needs.

  • Safari pure loose tea

Safari Pure Tea, a premium brand, is arguably the finest Blend by Ketepa which brings out the superior taste of tea. It is famed for its great aroma and flavor, Safari pure loose tea has made its way into many people’s hearts for its great taste and the fact that it gives you a boost of brilliance and stimulation.


  • Hexagonal  pack

Want to surprise your friend or family members with a cool Christmas gift hamper?


Well, there is nothing that says that you care more than the Ketepa hexagonal pack. With a wide range of divine Ketepa Pride flavored teas, this gift pack comes with the full range of teas for you to try your taste buds on.


  • Ketepa Pride tea bags


Blended from a selection of fine tea granules, the Ketepa Pride tea bags  which has endeared itself to many households for the stimulating taste and the awakening feel you get when you down a cup of these precious tea bags.


Enjoy the spirit of Christmas by trying out what is undoubtedly Kenya’s finest tea bags


  • Purple tea

A premium product, purple tea has been shown to have great antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Anti-inflammatory Purple tea

In fact, an October article on the Daily Nation went on to show how Kenyan purple tea could help improve vision and aid in blood sugar metabolism.


You probably want to buy this for your old folks and sit back to see them enjoy this tea that boosts their immune system.


  • Hibiscus tea


Packed with lots of antioxidants, sipping a cup of Ketepa hibiscus tea could help you lower your blood pressure while boosting your liver health.


A study published by the US National Library of Medicine shows that drinking hibiscus tea has been shown to decrease the levels of cholesterol and therefore lower the risk of obesity.


As you make your New Year’s resolutions on how to lose weight or ditch that stubborn kitambi, a daily cup of hibiscus tea needs to be among your considerations.


Wrap up 6 best Kenya tea brands this Christmas holiday


If you are looking to chill, relax and strategize over 2023, the selection of these best tea brands in Kenya will help you do that.

Looking to have a taste of all the delightful Ketepa tastes? Well, this expertly packed Ketepa festive package is all that you need.


It comes loaded with the goodness of pure hibiscus tea, the antiviral effect of purple tea, the rich aroma of Ketepa pride jar and the stimulation of safari pure tea. 


As though that is not enough, the pack has jani green tea and the hexagonal pack all put in the nice looking gift basket.