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Due to the abundance of antioxidants and caffeine, black tea is considered extremely beneficial for the hair. Black tea can be incorporated in your hair care regimen both internally and externally for stronger and damage-free hair.
Benefits of taking tea internally for your hair:
• The caffeine present in black tea helps in decreasing DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone found in the scalp that causes hair loss. Thus, black tea helps in increasing the hair thickness and lowering the hair loss.
• Another benefit of caffeine is that it stimulates the hair growth when used once in a month. (Excess usage of caffeine should be avoided as it may stunt the growth).
Benefits of using tea externally for your hair:
• Using black tea rinses as part of your hair care regimen adds shine, luster and natural darkness to your hair because of its dark hue.
• Black tea acts as a natural dyeing agent, and is suitable for dark colored hair (black or brown). To get rid of gray hair or fading hair dyes black tea is applied onto the hair to darken it and add shine thus bringing out the hairs natural highlights.

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