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Flavored Tea Bags

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The flavoured tea offers different flavours of Jasmine,Mango,StrawBerry,Orange,Earl Grey,MintGinger, Masala,Lemon, Cinnamon, Caramel and Forest Fruit, each packed for convenience.

Ketepa recently launched new Products to its Family the new flavored tea are Jasmine,Mango,Strawberry,Orange,Earl Grey and Mint

Jasmine Flavoured

Mango Flavoured

Strawberry Flavoured

Orange Flavoured

Earl Grey Flavoured

Mint Flavoured

Forest Fruit Flavoured

Is a perfect fruity punch and deep sweetness masked with a tropical tinge of highly grown Ketepa Pride teas. With every tongue tingling sip you experience the ever green tropical rain forest wilderness. It offers you a thrilling aroma and fruity freshness, just the way you desire it.

Lemon Flavoured
A sweet tingly citrus celebration! Fresh, plumb lemons add a light touch to this flavorful favorite! Fresh tangy lemons blended with the re-known Ketepa Pride teas will awaken your every sense! Best enjoyed without milk.

Ginger Flavoured

Tropical spicy, aromatic and soothing earthly ginger; expertly blended with special Ketepa Pride teas to deliver richness and ancient therapeutic goodness. It gives a wonderful breath of strong aroma. Enjoy a steaming hot cup for Instant “lift me up” goodness.

Caramel Flavoured

Indulge in a an inviting deeper and richer tea experience  offering a hint of toffee with Ketepa Pride’s Caramel flavour blended premium tea offering you a crispy cup of tea. When brewed it gives an exciting an exciting touch of toffee feel.

Cinnamon Flavoured

An exclusive blend, Ketepa Pride’s finest tea gives instant warmth and an aromatic lift. Expertly blended with the spicy island Cinnamon makes it rich, sweet and indulging. Enjoy it steaming hot or sip it chilled for a pleasant and relaxing treat.

Flavoured Teas Feedback from Customers

🙂 🙂 🙂 am a very happy customer! Ketepa Ltd’s Caramel Flavoured Tea tastes like a slice of heaven! the icecream taste dances on the tongue quite literally! #repeatpurchaseforsure (y)

Posted by Grace Mugo on Friday, December 19, 2014

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