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Kenya Tea Packers Ltd (KETEPA) is the Hydration sponsor of Impala Saracen Rugby with Maisha drinking water for a time of three years.


Maisha Water Sponsorship                                                               Ketepa Managing Director Handing over Sponsorship Cheque to Impala Saracens

The sponsorship will guarantee selective Maisha Water from KETEPA is accessible at the Impala Saracen Rugby Club.

KETEPA will supply the club with Maisha Pure packaged drinking water from January 2018 to January 2020. The water provided will be a likeness of about Sh1million every year.

KETEPA Managing Director, Mr. Albert Otochi speaking at the cheque handover, said KETEPA being a household name in tea and water. KETEPA is focused on the advancement of game and sound ways of life including that “water is life”. We are pleased to enter this association adapted towards supporting the rugby players. Hydration is basic in the execution of a group and hence, we are supporting them with continuous supply of water for a long time.

KETEPA has picked Impala club for the sponsorship in light of its remarkable execution in rugby and its detailed program to support youthful ability.

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