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We all love breakfast and look forward to the first meal you’re going to start your day with. Breakfast across the world is the same and also quite unique in its own right. Different cultures have their own take on what a wholesome breakfast should be and we Kenyans sure know a good breakfast when they see one!

Here are 5 Kenyan breakfasts that would put a smile on your face and give you enough energy to run through your morning errands.

  1. Tea and mandazi.

This has been around for decades and probably will still be on for a couple more hundred years in Kenya. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love a nice rich mandazi, so its safe to say that this all-time favourite is a Kenyan classic.

               Tea Mandazi


  1.  Nduma (Arrow Root) and tea.

You haven’t had a Kenyan breakfast if you haven’t eaten nduma. They are packed with lots of fibre and nutrients that would do your body some good. You can either boil them or deep fry them (depending on you preference) and have them with your favourite cup of tea.


  1. Ngwaci (sweet potato) and tea

We like to call it ngwaci! The sweet potato is a typical Kenyan breakfast treat. As you can see from the others listed above, Kenyans are healthy people. Always looking for ways to better our health. The sweet potato is great for breakfast especially if you have a mug of tea by your side. Feeling experimental? You can whip up some eggs and bacon and settle down for an amazing breakfast!




  1. Mahamri & Mbaazi with tea (pigeon pea stew and Swahili bun)

This has got to be the greatest marriage of flavours. Originating from the coast of Mombasa, this delicacy comprises of pigeon pea stew sometimes made with coconut cream and a sweet puffy bun which may also contains coconut. This is typically downed with a hot cup of tea.



  1. English Breakfast.

The english breakfast draws its lineage from the colonial days and has been passed down generation after generation. This breakfast has to be one of the most popular in Nairobi households as it provides a well-balanced meal. You can either choose to have it with a cup of tea or coffee followed with a glass of your favourite fresh juice!

 English Breakfast

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