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Studies show potential for Jani green tea as a helpful addition in diet to lower and prevent cancer risk.
Drink Jani Green tea a brand from Ketepa made from the dried leaves of the Asian plant Camellia sinensis and lowers/prevents your risk of cancer.
Did you know that..
 Five cups of Jani green tea a day may help prevent and recurrence of cancer?
 Jani Green tea may reduce risk of ovarian, prostate and breast cancers?
 People who drink Jani green tea have a decreased risk of breast cancer and lower risk of breast cancer recurrence?
Jani Green tea may act in two major ways:
 By altering genetic expression: It may increase activity of the p53 “tumour suppressor gene,” increasing programmed cell death of cancer cells
 By its antiangiogenic effect: It may prevent tumour-associated blood vessel formation, decreasing nutrient delivery to cancer cells.
Drink Jani green tea for better health!

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