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How to Drink Water to Stay Fit and Healthy

You have heard it said time and again that to maintain your health, you ought to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Most people know that they need to take water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Water is beneficial to your body as it keeps you hydrated and keeps your most important organs running. One of these organs is the kidney, drinking lots of water helps the kidney to flush out toxins in your body, in addition, another important body organ that needs water is your skin, drinking water helps your skin to stay hydrated avoiding dermatological complications such as acne.

Drinking enough water?

You simply need to go and check the color of your urine. Dark colored urine shows that you are not taking in enough water. It is definitely hard to remember to drink water unless you carry your bottled water around with you. Since it is difficult to take a lot of water all at once, it is easier to carry a bottle of water so as to spread the amount you take through out the day.

Tea is a beverage that is also filled with water, so adding a few cups into your daily diet not only replenishes you which is also good for keeping your body refreshed. As you try to lose the extra weight , remember you need more water than the average person.


Your water intake is also dependent on the following factors:

  • Your body weight: If you are trying to lose weight then your water intake will be higher than that of a person who is not.
  • Children for instance will take less water than adults, however, to maintain the correct water intake, seek to advise from your health service provider.
  • Expectant and lactating mothers will need extra water to stay hydrated, throughout the day.
  • Some medical conditions will require people to drink more or less water depending on the doctors advice.
  • The weather may also affect the amount of water taken in. More water is consumed when the weather is humid and less water is consumed when temperatures are cooler.


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