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Are you aware of the benefits of Black Tea? If not, try KETEPA’s varieties of black tea to enjoy the health benefits it comes with.


Black Tea


o Overall Health: Black tea is packed full of polyphenols and antioxidants, which block DNA damage and keep you feeling healthy and whole.
o Bone Health: people who regularly drink black tea have stronger bones and a lower probability of developing arthritis.
o Diabetes Health: A study based on the elderly found that consuming 1-2 cups of black tea a day can lower your chance of type 2 diabetes by 70%.
o Immune Health: Black tea contains tannins that have the ability to fight viruses as well as alkyl amine antigens that boosts your immune response.
o Oral Health: Studies have found that it reduces plaque formation as well as restricts bacteria growth that promotes the formation of cavities and tooth decays.
o Digestive Health: The tannins in black tea also helps to improve your digestive activity, reducing your risk of gastric or intestinal illness.
o Healthy Heart: A 2009 research paper revealed that black tea consumption decreases your risk of stroke by 21%.
o Increased Energy: Black tea contains low amount of caffeine, which gently enhance your blood flow to the brain, keeping you awake.
o Cancer Prevention: More research is required, but initial research suggests that the catechins in black tea can help prevent certain types of cancer.
o Brain Health: Drinking black tea has been shown, in a Dutch study to significantly enhance your mental acuity and self-reported alertness
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