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1. Gives you more Energy
Due to caffeine, black tea is considered an energizing drink that increases the efficiency. Caffeine, when taken in moderation, acts as a stimulant by increasing the brain function and alertness. In fact, the stimulating effect of caffeine in black tea is more than that of coffee and cola. Black tea has another compound called ‘theophylline’ that stimulates the respiratory system, heart and kidneys. Thus, these compounds help in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.
2. Helps in Weight Loss
Being ultra-low in sodium, fat and calories, black tea is highly beneficial for people who want to lose weight and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Thus, it acts as an effective substitute for unhealthy soda drinks by preventing the intake of weight gain-causing calories. Beverages containing higher amounts of fat can cause lethal conditions and diseases. Black tea also boosts the metabolic activity and thus, aids in weight loss.
3. Lowers Cholesterol
Black tea is effective in decreasing the level of triglycerides. It can reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. Drinking several cups of black tea improves the functioning of the arteries and does not allow cholesterol to build up inside them
4. Tea increases your metabolism
Some studies suggest that green tea may be able to boost the body’s metabolic rate slightly, allowing one to burn an additional 70-80 calories a day. While this may not seem like much, over time it could add up.
5. Healthy Bones and Connective Tissue:
The powerful phytochemicals in black tea help in strengthening the bones and connective tissue. In fact, research has proved that black tea drinkers have comparatively healthier bones.
6. Tea aids in digestion:
Tea has been used in China for thousands of years as an after-meal digestive aid due to the high levels of tannins it contains. These tannins help combat gastric and intestinal illnesses by having a therapeutic effect. Besides, they exercise an anti-diarrheal effect and help in decreasing the intestinal activity. The polyphenols help in lowering the intestinal inflammation suffered by patients of irritable bowel syndrome.

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