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Water an essential component to getting your body ready

As we gear up for the Mater Heart Run 2016, top on the list is maintaining your fitness amidst your busy schedule, is drinking plenty of water. We share 3 benefits of water that will help you maintain your health and fitness as you prepare for the Mater Heart Run.

Water Helps you to tolerate pain

Having bottled water is essential as you gear up for the marathon. For moms, this becomes a challenge to remember to carry that bottle of water wherever to go as you have plenty of things to take care of  like the children, a career and a home to look after. Getting the time to have your body ready for the run becomes a challenge as many moms are left with as little as 10 minutes workout sessions to squeeze into their busy schedules. Whenever a chance to increase your workout session arises,  water is beneficial as it helps your body to tolerate the pain of muscle tension due to increased work out, it lubricates your joints greatly reducing the risk of injury, water is beneficial in maintaining muscle fitness.

Water aids in maintaining the desired body weight

Drinking sufficient amounts of water speeds up your metabolism. In between meals, water suppresses your appetite and hence resisting the urge to eat. Water is a great alternative to sugary drinks, which add to the calorie count. To add a bit of taste into your water you can add: a slice of lemon, a bit ginger or mint leaves.

Water clears the toxins in your body and helps with digestion.

When it comes to women’s health, detoxing the body is currently the latest trend in Kenya. With every mother trying every detox challenge available. The simplest way to detoxify your body is to drink plenty of water. Water is essential as it flushes out toxins, and keeps aids in hydration. Water reduces chances of your body getting constipated, it softens stool and makes it easy to empty bowels.

Always remember to pack your bottled water in your handbag or gym bag and carry the bottle with you as you go about your daily tasks. Choose beverages that have nutritional benefits such as green tea, black tea and bottled water.   (Maisha water advert)

Maisha Water brings you the best performance  required for a successful life as it helps you achieve good health, vitality, and fullness of life.


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